Bushels for Bobcats


Donate a portion of your harvest through the Bushels for Bobcats program.

Why donate your harvest?

By contributing commodities to the Montana State University Foundation, a Montana not-for-profit corporation, you are providing Montana State University with a donation that retains the full value of your crop.

Example: You donate $3,000 worth of your crop to the MSU Foundation, which then sells it for $3,000. Then the university receives the entire $3,000. However, if you sell the crop first and donate that revenue after taxes, you donate approximately $1,940 to the university. Amount may vary depending on the current market.

Getting started

  1. Complete the Make a Gift of Grain form.

  2. A Montana State University development officer will work with you to make sure your gift goes to your preferred use. To establish an endowment of $25,000 or more, contact Kevin Brown at kevin.brown@msuaf.org.

  3. If you have any questions about making a gift of grain, please contact Samantha Beebout at samantha.beebout@msuaf.org or 406-994-7099.

Gifting Guide

  1. Timing
    It is best to donate grain grown in a previous tax year. Make the donation early enough in the year so that there is no question that it came from the prior year’s crop.
  2. Unsold commodity
    The gift should be from unsold inventory with no sale commitment made prior to the gift.
  3. Physical delivery
    The gift must be in the form of farm commodities, not warehouse receipts, which may be considered a cash equivalent. The charity (MSU Foundation) must be able to demonstrate “control and dominion” over the gifted property.
  4. Retention of control
    The grower shall provide no guidance in the transfer agreement as to the retention or sale of the gifted commodity.
  5. Documentation
    Provide either a properly executed warehouse receipt in the name of the “Montana State University Foundation; or a notarized letter of transfer for crops stored on the farm. The original sales invoice should list the charity (MSU Foundation) as the seller.
  6. Storage and transportation costs
    After the transfer, the Montana State University Foundation will assume costs of storage, marketing, or transportation.*
  7. Crop share leases
    Gifting will not work for a crop share landlord. A share of a crop received as a rental payment is considered the equivalent of rental income.
  8. Donor gift value
    The MSU Foundation will provide you with a donor receipt for the net settlement amount for your records. You do not need to declare a deduction or sale to the IRS. 

*It is Foundation policy to sell any grain or commodity donation as soon as we know you have made the gift.